Keep Track of your Progress

Track leadership development towards goals and ROI.  A range of tests, scaling techniques are used to assess coachee’s strengths, progress, goal setting on a regular basis during the coaching program. EXQB aims to provide satisfaction in relation to coachee’s desired outcomes, and to clarify their commitment towards going forward.

During the coaching process we are implementing such evaluation techniques as Motivational Interviewing, Personal Goal Progress Review, Reflective Journaling and Emotion Meter. A variety of measurement tools helps to identify coachees progress on tangible and intangible goals.

The effectiveness of coaching programs are based on the specific data collected before and after coaching implementation. Coaching objectives are developed on the needs of the organization, which are defined by the performance of the executive. The performance needs are met by implementing new skills and knowledge presented to the coachee. The “reaction data” and the “learning data” are collected during the coaching process to supervise on the effectiveness and “coachability”. The results of the study with the essential information on the program and the outcomes are provided.