Political Intelligence Consulting

EXQB Political Intelligence Consulting
We help corporations and policy-makers deal with uncertain environments to choose right opportunities.

We provide practical public affairs advice and basis for decisions through expert background and scenarios predictions. We provide geopolitical risk analysis for corporations and governments to understand and manage the risk exposure and ensure operations resilience. Political risk consulting, assessing the impact of political developments on business. Analysis of how elections and changes of government, and resulting shifts in policies, can impact businesses and industries.

We specialize in the following regions and areas:

  • North America (USA)
  • South Cone (Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia)
  • European Union and UK
  • China
  • Russia
  • Global Matters
  • Disruptions

What we do:

Provide insight into geopolitical trends, critical for decision-makers to understand.
Forecast future scenarios and implications.
Not affiliated with any government, corporate or media agency.
Analysis with specific local and sector-based knowledge.
We help identify potential growth opportunities in business and politics.

Our Service:

Political monitoring and intelligence
Political Risk analysis and assessment
Political Research
Event Management