Grow in Chaos

Grow in Chaos

Grow in Chaos coaching session will take place LIVE on June 25th, 2020. 

Why do we think it is important today? 

Since the pandemic outbreak many of us have gone through a turmoil of changes. The uncertainty has been draining us emotionally. We found ourselves trapped into living one day at a time with no plans or possibilities for the future. 

Others in opposite, have been turning their eyes away from growing problems, pretending life can move on as normal, but it turned out that the collective distress is able to get through the psychological defense barriers we’ve built for ourselves. 

In this short coaching session, we will not only try to see the reality as it is and take distance from our fears, but also to regain balance of our lives, make a plan and commit to action. 

The principal purpose of coaching is to impulse action to achieve a goal you’ve set. 

I will try to give you a tool, that you will be able to use to walk through your emotions and factual circumstances and, as a result, to take an action that will lead you to the result you want to obtain – be it a new business plan or regaining emotional stability. 


Alexandra Zelinski is a leadership exectuive coach – certified by University of Adolfo Ibañez (Chile). Well-being consultant specialized in Yale University (USA). Entrepreneur with 9 years of experience in educational business and understanding of cultural differences, living in working in Canada, China and Chile. 

Who is it for?

GROW in Chaos coaching session is designed for any person who is struggling to adapt to changes caused by the pandemic. If you feel like you cannot move on because of the uncertainty. This session will as well help you if you feel stuck in your career or life goals and if you are willing to find your passion and elaborate an action plan to achieve your goal. 

Payment conditions

This session will be recorded and all the attendants will receive a copy. 
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