Corporate Coaching

Professional Relationship Area

Building Relationships and Networking. Leverage relationship building skills to strengthen critical partnership and nurture client and customer relationship.
Communicating with Leaders/Managing Up. Making day-to-day job easier for the executive as well as their direct boss.
Influence and Assertiveness. Developing the ability to adapt and modify executive’s personal style when they become aware of the effect they make on other people.

Career and Office

Career Planning. Opportunity for your managers to grow and excel at their profession. Evaluate options against their decision criteria to ensure that they make the right career choice.
Decision Making and Problem Solving. Creative problem-solving techniques. Assistance in improving the executive’s professional effectiveness and providing them with the tools to manage innovation within the organization and enhance appreciation of the efforts of others.
Managing difficult conversations and conflict. Conflict coaching helps to consider options for managing the conflict and design approach to discuss it with the other person.

Work Life Balance

Finding One’s Purpose and Passion. Identify executive’s specific dreams and life goals and commit to consistent effort to achieve them.
Planning and Goal Setting. Moving from vision to reality, instrumental guidance to achieving a goal.
Increasing Productivity. Achieve optimal performance of the managers and teams through consistent feedback, counseling and mentoring. Rather than relying solely on a review schedule, support managers along the path to meeting the goals as organization.