High Impact

Reflecting on leader’s core qualities in a way that expands their self-insight and builds confidence. Coaching leaders includes identifying behaviors impacting team performance. We are building leaders’ skills, utilizing data to guide purposeful observations and improve both feedback and communication with stakeholders, associates and teams. 

We help corporations and policy-makers deal with uncertain environments to choose right opportunities. Studying goals and values of the organization along with a 360 degrees overview of economic and social trends allows us to determine what changes need to be made in order to better serve the company and its executive team.

EXQB Coaching stands on strong values and promotes informed approach on
Gender equality and diversity.
Causes of economic Inequality
Line and Staff relations.
Leadership and aligning values.

Advisory for Organization managers creates a high impact through upgrade of corporate culture and mindset change. 

EXQB has strong operational experience in business, tech, management and the startup world as well as deep knowledge of Human Development and Organizational Development. We have substantial experience coaching leaders at multiple levels in banking, retail and Fin-tech industries.