Our Story

EXQB helps navigate many difficult situations for leaders, managers, CEOs and founders. We provide a safe space for the employees to develop through their challenges and create better leaders. With highly engaging and effective methods we help executives achieve goals as a company.

The head coach and founder of EXQB is Alexandra Zelinski.

With more than 500 hours of private one-on-one coaching, she has been able to provide support to more than 10 second-level managers in a LATAM retail company (Chile and Peru), and top level managers in the industries of banking and retail, as well as to CEOs of startups and tech companies.

Her professional development includes working in administration and international relations area in Canada, China and Chile.

As a facilitator, Alexandra has brought up topics of high impact in a variety of organizations, training executives on gender equality, diversity and inclusion as well as causes of economic inequality. 

Alexandra Zelinski is a coach who creates a fundamental shift in the approach to work.