Tailored to your Needs

Personalized coaching and learning goals that are aligned with your company culture and stage of growth.
EXQB Pushes your limits and helps you explore your strengths and areas of growth. Your coach will help you define and move towards your critical goals and shift behaviors that are holding you back. We deliver the results for you to become a strong leader who is confident in making decisions.

A general outline for each session: 

  • 10-15 mins: Check in
  • 30-45 mins: Strategize around a longer term goal. Practice a new skill. Unpack a tough situation.
  • 5-15 mins: Synthesize insights. Commit to open actions.

Checking in on anything that’s top of mind for you and something you want to unpack with your coach. Practice skills and perspectives that might be tied to your long term goals, using different frameworks to find the right approach. Assign open actions that push you outside of your comfort zone.

One-on-one coaching is a work and life-changing experience. Most employees have never experienced the benefits of personalized help from a trained professional. EXQB can change that.